Personal Photography or Assignment Photography for marketing as a Photographer


As a working professional photographer I have been using my assignment photography to showcase my photography services. But I have been hearing that clients may want to see "personal work" when considering a photography. I provide architectural, product, portrait, industrial and editorial photography. So it looks like it may be best to maybe include two samples of my work when sending out email promos to introduce my services. As a [...]

Editorial EVENT Photography and Editorial STYLE Photography ARE Different


A "Editorial" Photographer is kind of a general catch all description for a photographer today. Shooting assignments that are uncontrolled events (like the top two samples), may NOT fit all editorial photographers. Some editorial personal vision photographers shoot images in a editorial style (like the 3rd prom), based on what they see in the world around them. No problem with that, if your needs match the photographers "style". So I [...]

Post Production to make a better photograph


As a photographer it is my responsibility to let clients know how I can provide more then just "taking a picture". We all have many ways to capture images today, celphones, tablets, compact digital camera and even digital SLR cameras that produce images sizes that can meet the needs of many marketing and communication needs. Add software like PhotoShop and now almost anyone can call them self a photographer. As [...]

Professional Group Photography


One of the popular services I provide is group photographs. It is common to photograph the management and sales teams for various marketing needs. The above group photo is a example of what a typical group photo might look like. The group was photographed in just under 20 minutes and we only got 11 shots off. Of the eleven images we ended up going with 2 images. The "Before" image [...]

Editorial style vacation photos you can be proud of!


During a simple walk on the pier in Huntington Beach California I looked down and saw a photographer shooting this young lady. I only had one camera and one lens. A Nikon D300 and a 85mm T/S lens. So my photography choices were limited and that can keep the photography simple. Editorial photography is the most common type of photography and all you really need to do is just SHOOT! [...]

Shoot for Fun!


For over 40 years I have tried to keep my skills sharp by doing what I call a "Walk About!". Before the days of digital I would still go out on my own and pick a spot and just walk around and shoot what I see in the world. In this case I was spending some time with a friend of mine who lives in Huntington Beach California. May goal [...]

Industrial Editorial photo with Digital Post Production effects.


Good editorial photography requires the photographer to be able to work fast and be able to "see" just what is available to create a scene for the subject. Many times the photographer does not get the chance to see the location in advance, so selecting a interesting location is a good start. With the help of digital post production software a photographer can now create a image with more visual [...]

Industrial images for display art and advertising.


Sometimes you try whatever you can when on location. Over the years I have used lots of techniques to create interesting images. This quick grab shot is interesting to be because of the way the image has several interesting things happening. First I like the motion and how that works with something like a guy riding a forklift and also the directional lines that the motion creates. Industrial editorial photography [...]

Professional Editorial Photography still has a purpose.


                                      Here is Kyrsten Sinema, representative 9th district from a assignment I shot yesterday and Jeff Flake who I shot last fall. Over the last 37 years I have made a big part of my living as a editorial photographer. In the past the Editorial Photographer had a place in the market. [...]

Industrial Photography Art


    Industrial hose photo used as wall display print for company lobby. This is one of several images shot for a industrial pipeline company as display prints for the new corporate office. The final print sizes ranged from 24x36 to 40x50 inches. In addition these images were used for marketing and annual reports.