Personal Photography or Assignment Photography for marketing as a Photographer

As a working professional photographer I have been using my assignment photography to showcase my photography services. But I have been hearing that clients may want to see “personal work” when considering a photography. I provide architectural, product, portrait, industrial and editorial photography.

So it looks like it may be best to maybe include two samples of my work when sending out email promos to introduce my services.

As a architectural, portrait, product and editorial photographer in Phoenix Arizona I would be happy to discuss any of your photography needs.


Editorial EVENT Photography and Editorial STYLE Photography ARE Different

LinkedIn-Vote Rodeo-pressurewindow-blind-and-flagA “Editorial” Photographer is kind of a general catch all description for a photographer today. Shooting assignments that are uncontrolled events (like the top two samples), may NOT fit all editorial photographers. Some editorial personal vision photographers shoot images in a editorial style (like the 3rd prom), based on what they see in the world around them. No problem with that, if your needs match the photographers “style”.

So I guess what I am saying is that not all editorial photographer are strong in both areas, editorial event and editorial personal vision. Please look over the photographer work and feel free to talk to them about what they bring to you’re needs.

Post Production to make a better photograph

Construction-#15As a photographer it is my responsibility to let clients know how I can provide more then just “taking a picture”. We all have many ways to capture images today, celphones, tablets, compact digital camera and even digital SLR cameras that produce images sizes that can meet the needs of many marketing and communication needs. Add software like PhotoShop and now almost anyone can call them self a photographer.

As a long time working professional photographer my goal is to provide my clients more then just a professional quality camera and PhotoShop. My goal is to provide visually interesting images that showcase the client. After all my work is used to help my client be a success. If they are a success, I am a success!

For a great return on your investment, you need ME!

Mike Eller, photographer

Professional Group Photography

Group before and after for blogOne of the popular services I provide is group photographs. It is common to photograph the management and sales teams for various marketing needs. The above group photo is a example of what a typical group photo might look like. The group was photographed in just under 20 minutes and we only got 11 shots off. Of the eleven images we ended up going with 2 images. The “Before” image is with out any post-production retouching. The “After” images has extensive retouching to create the final image. The retouching ranges from the background window area to replacing one mans smile. You may also notice the chair and coat issue on the man seated on the left. Other areas like glare on the glasses and some facial cleanup were also done. When it comes to retouching is can be tricky to not over do it and make people look retouched.

So the next time you or someone you know needs to have a group photograph or individual business portraits I hope you will consider Mike Eller Photography.

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Editorial style vacation photos you can be proud of!


During a simple walk on the pier in Huntington Beach California I looked down and saw a photographer shooting this young lady. I only had one camera and one lens. A Nikon D300 and a 85mm T/S lens. So my photography choices were limited and that can keep the photography simple. Editorial photography is the most common type of photography and all you really need to do is just SHOOT! Take your time to just relax and enjoy what’s happening around you and you would be amazed at the interesting sights around you. Remember, how you see the world around you is your view, and no one can take that away from you!

Enjoy the summer and create photos that you are proud of, and you will be surprised just what you create.

If you would like my thought regarding your photography, or have a question regarding how you operate your camera feel free to email me and I would be happy to help you out any way I can.

Check out my website for more samples of my work.

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Mike Eller

Shoot for Fun!

surfer-on-beach-For over 40 years I have tried to keep my skills sharp by doing what I call a “Walk About!”. Before the days of digital I would still go out on my own and pick a spot and just walk around and shoot what I see in the world. In this case I was spending some time with a friend of mine who lives in Huntington Beach California. May goal is to see what I can create with just one camera and one lens. In this case I used a Nikon D300 with a Nikon 85 t/s lens. This lens is a manual focus lens and with the tilt shift effect you have to be rely on focusing on a moving object without the help of autofocus. The only effect I did was shot color adjustment to create the “old photo” effect. I did not crop this image. It is shot full frame. My shooting style is to create the image in the camera.

Industrial Editorial photo with Digital Post Production effects.

Epcor-guy-3-imagesGood editorial photography requires the photographer to be able to work fast and be able to “see” just what is available to create a scene for the subject. Many times the photographer does not get the chance to see the location in advance, so selecting a interesting location is a good start. With the help of digital post production software a photographer can now create a image with more visual punch via HDR, cloning, dodging and burning and many other effects and techniques. I believe that it does start with good photography and then digital post production techniques and effects can be tool to take the good photo to the next level.

If you have a need for a good Editorial Industrial Photographer please let me know. I would be glad to discuss how I can be of help.



Industrial images for display art and advertising.

forklift-in-motion-1Sometimes you try whatever you can when on location. Over the years I have used lots of techniques to create interesting images. This quick grab shot is interesting to be because of the way the image has several interesting things happening. First I like the motion and how that works with something like a guy riding a forklift and also the directional lines that the motion creates. Industrial editorial photography can sometimes be challenging when it comes to creating interesting images. My goal is to always try and create interesting images no matter what type of assignment I am hired to do.

Professional Editorial Photography still has a purpose.

Editorial-event-sample-Kyrsten-Sinema politician-Jeff-Flake




















Here is Kyrsten Sinema, representative 9th district from a assignment I shot yesterday and Jeff Flake who I shot last fall.

Over the last 37 years I have made a big part of my living as a editorial photographer. In the past the Editorial Photographer had a place in the market. Many clients understood that it takes a true professional to capture even the simplest of shots. Here are two examples of the most basic editorial shots that are often need. The person giving a speech. It sounds easy. The speaker stands on a stage behind a podium and all you have to do is take pictures. Sounds easy. With the help of new digital cameras and the ability to “see” what you got, it is now easier to do it yourself and save the money that you would have given to a professional photographer. The problem with that way of thinking don’t have a second chance to get it right. So before you decide to do it yourself, at least consult a professional photographer. You might be surprised at just the price of the service and just how much of a value it is to hire a pro.

Industrial Photography Art



Industrial Product

Industrial hose photo used as wall display print for company lobby.

This is one of several images shot for a industrial pipeline company as display prints for the new corporate office. The final print sizes ranged from 24×36 to 40×50 inches. In addition these images were used for marketing and annual reports.